We deliver a wide range of slings, to enhance the performance and comfort of our disability hoists and make life easier for carers and their patients.

Slings ensure easy movement for many everyday activities, including standing, toileting and transportation. Each sling is designed to offer excellent comfort and support, while easing the lifting process. We also deliver slings in a range of sizes to suit varying weights and strengths. And we’ve designed our Hammock Sling to accommodate patients who may need slings for extended periods of time.

Sling Hoists start from £74.00 ex VAT.

easifitEasifit Sling

The Easifit Sling is a general purpose sling designed to suit many clients. Available in polyester and net, they are made in small, medium and large sizes. Special sizes can be made to order.

Dimension Table

Small Med. Large
A 530 620 740
B 770 900 1240
C 1150 1230 1410
D 610 640 650


Order Code

Small Polyester EF 150 NET EF 151
Medium Polyester EF 152 NET EF 153
Large Polyester EF 154 NET EF 155


easifit-deluxeEasifit Deluxe Sling

The Easifit Deluxe Sling is designed to suit most clients. It provides a more comfortable and supportive lift. It is available with a head support and also a padded version for additional comfort. Available in small, medium and large.

Dimension Table

Small Med. Large
A 940 980 1090
B 880 950 1040
C 810 880 970
D 700 750 800


Order Code

Small Polyester EF 156 NET EF 171
Medium Polyester EF 157 NET EF 172
Large Polyester EF 158 NET EF 173


toileting-slingToileting Sling

The Toileting Sling is designed for the toileting process. Designed with strong velcro attached in the front around the chest area; it is easy to slip on or off the body. It's padded all round for additional comfort. The client must be able to support themselves in this sling.

Dimension Table

Small Med. Large
A 730 850 1030
B 770 900 1090
C 530 680 800
D 870 990 1180
E 340 340 560


Order Code

Small Polyester EF 159 NET EF 160
Medium Polyester EF 161 NET EF 162
Large Polyester EF 163 NET EF 164


easifit-deluxeEasifit Deluxe Hammock Sling

The Easifit Deluxe Hammock Sling has been designed for the amputee client or the client who may be required to remain in the sling for an extended period. This is a part padded sling and also available in net.

Dimension Table

Small Med. Large
A 650 740 850
B 850 950 1050


Order Code

Small Polyester EF 165 NET EF 166
Medium Polyester EF 167 NET EF 168
Large Polyester EF 169 NET EF 170


Standing Sling


The Standing Sling is an easy to roll sling, suitable for standing and supporting. It is not a general purpose sling. Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Dimension Table

In mm

Small Med. Large XL
A 1000 1040 1100 1170
B 650 750 800 850
C 280 280 280 280
D* 1170 1270 1360 1410

*Extended full length

Order Code

Small Polyester E F 184
Medium Polyester E F 180
Large Polyester E F 181
Extra Large Polyester E F 185


Transport Sling


The Transport Sling is an easy general purpose sling giving full support to patients. It cannot be used for double amputees. Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Dimension Table

In mm

Small Med. Large XL
A 1160 1190 1200 1220
B 605 635 730 825
C 895 950 1140 1200
D 465 500 545 590
E 260 295 370 410
F* 1140 1250 1360 1410

* Extended full length

Order Code

Small Polyester E F 186
Medium Polyester E F 182
Large Polyester E F 183
Extra Large Polyester E F 187


The Slings are colour coded as follows:


The straps on the slings are also colour coded. For example, a medium sling will have yellow loops in the positions normally used for a medium patient.

Easifit Deluxe
Standing Sling
Transport Sling